Allotting essential energy for life


EGRenergy is a proudly South Africa based leading reputable energy supply and distribution company serving Sub-Saharan Africa region with years of experience and dedicated team plying to meet the demand and supply of all our esteem clients.

We deliver quality energy products from minimum quantity to maximum quantity of energy demand in domestic, laboratory and Industrial processes.


Our mission is to meet the growing demand for various form of energy across Sub-Saharan Africa market while putting safety, quality assurance and time factor as our focal point. That`s why our motto is “Allotting essential energy for life ” while building a brand that comes to heart whenever energy is required.

We continue to bridge the gap between clients and manufactures with our customer service and support team ever ready to ensure lasting cordial relationship. At EGRenergy, all client`s satisfaction remain our almost priority.

EGRenergy is a 100% BEE company and compliance.

Quality Energy Products

Client`s Specified Time Frame

Value for Money

Anywhere in South Africa

We specialize in supply and distribution of Liquid Petroleum products (fuels of all types), Agro-Chemicals (Fertilizers, Soil conditioners, Pesticides, Rodenticides), Coal, Academic Laboratory and Industrial Chemicals/Reagents, Elemental gases, Natural gas, Lubricants and other energy products with 100% guarantee and assurance on quality service delivering within stipulated time.